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【All you can eat grilled meat specially】 6980 yen】 All three items including the rare part of Wagyu with 64 coupons ♪

【All you can eat grilled meat specially】 6980 yen】 All three items including the rare part of Wagyu with 64 coupons ♪

By using a coupon6980 yen

(Tax excluded) / 1 person

  • 64items
  • 2-50persons
Reservation deadline
Until 19 o'clock on the desired date of coming to the store
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Special addition of Wagyu Beef and Wagyu Beef Roast and Garlic Fried Rice! Enjoy Luxury Yakiniku to your heart's content! For each party, girls' party, mommy, launch, date and special day ◎ Preschool child: free / Elementary school student: half price / over 60 years old: 500 yen discount

Course menu

【Start Set】 First of all, please enjoy a start set.

Assorted grilled meat 3 sorts / Korean garlic / Choregi salad / Appetizers Kimchi / Namul Assorted

[Things of attention] Please choose 2 kinds.

Ginger alternate / onion rice cracker / lemon pakuti sauce / rice kojis sauce / yuzu pepper lemon / mature garlic sauce / sauce eating Japanese style soup sauce / sweet sauce / secret crust (please ask the staff)

※ The type of sauce may change depending on the time.

【Cow · Pig · Chicken】

Bovine Calvi / Beef loin / Beef Harami / Beef pickled beef Harami / Pork ribs / Pork Toro / Temple / domestic chicken thigh / Domestic cartoon cartilage


Pork Tan / Mino / Wagyu Bee Liver / Wagyu Small Intestine / Japanese Wagyu Colon / Wagyu Bee Galla / Wagyu Bee Hats

【Kimchi · Snacks · Salad】

Assorted grilled vegetables / Sesame leaves / Sanche / Choregi salad

Low temperature cooking liver piercing / brown bean / sesame salt cucumber

Korean cold / Korean paste / domestic Chinese cabbage kimchi / kimchi · namuli assorted / changer

【Korean cuisine】

Seafood and Onion Chijimi / Yang Nyum Chicken (fried from sweet) / Chimmunddu (Steamed dumpling) / Vegetable plenty Chapty / Topgogy / Net Tofu Pot / Kerantim (Grilled Chopsticks)

【Meals, soup, dessert】

Kimpa / bibimbap / stone-cooked bibimbap / home-made rice small / medium / large / cold noodles

Wakame soup / egg soup / egg cooker / yukke jean soup / yukke yumppuka

Vanilla Icecream

In addition to the above,

Wagyu Bee Calbi / Wagyu Beef Calvin / Wagyu Beef Loose / Wagyu Beef Loose / Wagyu Beef Paste with Egg / Beef Tongue / Wagyu White Opinion Thyme / Avocado and Shrimp Timimi / Trout Rice Cheese Timimi / Plenty of onion with delicious grilled meat / Stone Baked Yukke Bibimbap / Wagyu Garlic Fried Rice / Komutan Koppa / Komantan Soup / Seasonal Sorbet / Favorite Ice (Choco / Matcha) / Mill Crape Roll / Mill Crape Roll Chocolat / Fondant Chocolat and Vanilla Ice

** You can use those who acknowledge that you will enjoy the start set.

※ ※ Please cherish your food.For residual food we will charge a separate fee of 500 yen per 100 g.

※ ※ Order of meat will be limited to 1 person per minute.

2019/01/15 update